Different Types of Packaging Methods in Mount Vernon NY

Packaging plays a huge role in shaping customer perception of quality and experience with your product, as well as helping warehouse and store employees distinguish your products on shelves.

There are various packaging methods to choose from; some more costly than others but all providing protection and an aesthetically pleasing display for your product.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard is thicker than its paper counterpart and comes in various forms. It is commonly used for food packaging purposes such as bakers boxes and cereal boxes. Furthermore, its security systems can add peace of mind for consumers by reducing product loss in transit and at retail.

Corrugated material is designed to withstand shipping and storage environments, protecting products from elements like moisture or movement during transport as well as any messy unboxing experiences. Some companies, like all-natural dog food manufacturer Sundays for Dogs, combine both materials into their packaging design – using laminated small-flute cardboard to increase stability while mounting thin paperboard on top for superior print surfaces.


Clamshells are plastic containers shaped like their seafaring namesakes that are typically found in grocery stores, gas station food marts and grab-and-go lunch bars. Clamshells are commonly used to pack and store sandwiches, salads and other foodstuffs.

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Foil-Sealed Bags

Foil-sealed bags are an excellent solution for food packaging and other products that need sturdy protection, from heat and moisture damage to bad odors. Plus, these versatile packaging options can be printed with any logo, graphic, or text to act as a marketing tool!

These bags are often used for delicate foods like seafood, meat, powders and powdered foodstuffs that must be transported over long distances and stored securely before being sent out for shipping or storage purposes. Additionally, they make for excellent shipments that must go through extended shipping and storage processes.

Packaging designed specifically for retail can come in many sizes and shapes; some even feature windows to let customers see what lies within. Customization includes adding your company logo, user manuals, graphics or text – co-packers provide smaller quantity orders as needed.

Straight Tuck End

KayPackaging offers premium and durable straight tuck end boxes. These boxes can be tailored to fit any product, featuring window designs for increased visibility. Their windows can also be imprinted with crucial company information or the logo – helping increase brand recognition and boost sales.

Straight tuck end boxes are versatile, easy-to-assemble displays designed for retail display that provide an elevated look. Their top and bottom panels tuck neatly under each other for clean edges on the front face – ideal for light products, gifts, or promotional products.

The slit lock of these boxes helps secure their contents by keeping the opening closed and prevents anything from spilling out of it. They’re great for packaging cosmetics, food, soaps, and other products that need sturdy packaging solutions as well as gift giving or retail/point-of-purchase displays.

Reverse Tuck End

Custom reverse tuck end cartons are ideal for packaging light to medium weight items with their self-locking tuck tabs, which make product assembly lines and automated packing machines simple and straightforward. In addition, they’re cost-effective as they come flat.

Reverse Tuck Boxes feature two closure panels; one at the top tucks in from behind while a separate panel tucks from front for storage of smaller jars, tubes, cosmetics or medications.

E-commerce shipping with these boxes is especially useful, as their inadvertent opening cannot occur accidentally. They’re also an excellent option for retail POS displays – you can customize these boxes with cut outs, windows, locks and other unique options to make sure that no customer gets inside!