Types of Packaging Finishing in Salisbury NYC

Printing and embellishments that stand out can give your packaging in Salisbury NYC an impressive appearance, giving it a premium feel and inspiring customer trust in your product – potentially leading to repeat sales.

Lamination offers various advantages when designing cardboard materials, such as protecting them from splitting and absorbing moisture while protecting print from fading. Furthermore, gloss layers add vibrancy while matt foil adds sophistication.


Lamination is a thin plastic film applied to printed materials to both protect them and improve their appearance. Lamination also makes them tear-resistant, more durable, and water-resistant – features that make laminating ideal for items that must be handled frequently, like restaurant menus, maps, price lists or educational materials.

Gloss lamination deflects light and deflects glare, while matte lamination absorbs it. Your choice of lamination type depends on both the desired look and how materials will be utilized.

Matt Foil

Matte table foils offer the ideal combination of nonreflective design and style, easily protecting your table while looking fashionable with their matte surface and easy cleanability. Available in various colours and designs such as wood grain finish, monochrome fancy and abstract patterns – you are sure to find one suitable for your home! These decorative foil papers boast double PU coating for long term protection with common weight options of 53, 60 or 65 grams.

Soft-Touch Foil

Soft-touch foil adds an elegant, refined finish to paper printed packaging and gives products like cosmetics and perfume more of an opulent appearance. It adds velvety comfort while simultaneously reflecting their products inside. This finish can give paper printed packaging an entirely different appearance that reflects each product within.

Combine it with other printing techniques like spot UV, embossing and debossing for an eye-catching branded appearance on your packaging, while protecting its design from being scratched during production or shipping.

This type of finishing makes use of an exclusive matte biaxially-oriented polypropylene film with velvety surfaces to add soft, velvety touches to print surfaces. It’s usually applied directly after printing offset or digitally and provides both haptic value as well as durability and rigidity – an ideal combination for luxurious packaging that must stand out.

Metalised PET

Metallized PET finishing provides cartons with an attractive high-gloss appearance while serving as an effective protection from light, oxygen and moisture exposure. This finish is widely used by food & beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care & cosmetics and personal care industries because it enhances aesthetic appeal while safeguarding products against environmental hazards.

Printing can be used to increase brand recognition by printing product names and brand logos directly on packages, making it an excellent solution for brands seeking greater exposure. Furthermore, embossing and spot UV effects can further add eye-catching touches. Production typically utilizes a cutter-compactor connected to a continuously filled pelletizing extruder where material is washed, mixed, heated (to reduce hydrolytic degradation), densified before being conveyed for pelletizing.

Ultraviolet Varnish

Clear liquid coating applied to paper substrates and cured using ultraviolet light to produce a high gloss-like effect. This process can be applied either over entire surfaces or just specific areas – this method is known as spot UV.

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This type of finishing provides a glossy, instantaneous-dry surface that resists fingerprints, smudges, and water marks while simultaneously making colors appear richer and more vibrant.

Spot UV creates an eye-catching effect when combined with soft-touch overlam. It works beautifully when foil stamping or die cutting are involved as well. Contact us to discover how you can utilize this technique to bring your packaging designs to life!