What Are the Popular Packaging Methods Used Today in East Hanover, NY?

what are the popular packaging methods

Packaging in East Hanover, NY serves many functions; it protects products as they travel from Point A (the manufacturing plant) to Point B (the end user), provides an opportunity for promotion, and even extends shelf life. Packaging plays an integral part in manufacturing; therefore it’s crucial that it meets both your budget and needs; additionally it must be easy for transport and stack properly in storage – as well as reflect your company brand with environmental consciousness.

Cardboard cartons remain the go-to method of packaging in stores today, while plastic wrap and aluminum foil offer tight closure options that help ensure safe transport for food items that require tight closures. By choosing appropriate packaging options for your product, you will ensure its safe transit while increasing sales opportunities with consumers.

Paper-based materials make an attractive packaging material, as they’re lightweight yet sturdy and appealing to shoppers. Paper can also be printed upon, providing companies with an opportunity to display branding or messaging directly on a product box or container. Furthermore, both reusing and recycling makes paper an appealing option both environmentally-conscious companies as well as consumers.

Plastic containers are an increasingly popular packaging choice due to their durability and versatility. Available in various sizes, plastic containers can also be tailored specifically to meet the requirements of your product and company. Plus, their cost is generally less than other forms of packaging can help cut production and shipping expenses down significantly!

Glass packaging has been used since ancient Egyptian civilizations began using it to store items, providing excellent preserving capabilities while being resistant to most damages during transport. According to archeological studies, it was even commonly used by them!

Metal packaging material can be a versatile packaging material used for packing an array of products. While tin was once preferred, modern consumers prefer aluminum’s lighter weight and greater durability as a popular packaging material for beverages, condiments, household cleaners, jars or cans.

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Kitting is a packaging technique that involves grouping multiple products together into one unit that is then sold individually for easier sale and customer retention. Kitting can help increase sales while streamlining warehouse inventory management for easier handling by workers.

Labels are an indispensable component of any packaging solution, used to indicate important details like price, expiration date and lot number. Available as pressure sensitive labels or shrink sleeve stickers in multiple colors and sizes.